Data Engineering Apprenticeship

Job description

A role as data engineer sounds great but there are a lot of new skills and technologies to master and you do not have the time. However, you already have more than two years of experience in a job as a software engineer or dealing with data in another way that is not Excel. We offer you the chance to start as a data engineer at GoDataDriven, kicked off by a month-long intensive boot camp with a lot of 1:1 training with our very own data engineers.

How you will help to create value with Data & AI

At GoDataDriven we build strong data & AI practices to deliver value to both our clients and their customers. In the past, our team of data professionals has predicted the daily demand for millions of loaves of bread, advanced energy-saving algorithms to nationwide scale, and set up data innovation labs at large multinationals. We enjoy great success in making the top companies AI-driven — just think of what more we can achieve when YOU join our team and receive the skills to give you that leg-up you need!

What you will do to get ready for the job

Our Data Engineering Apprenticeship program is made specifically for you and guarantees a unique opportunity to have a position as a data engineer with GoDataDriven. We will amplify your existing knowledge and expand your tech stack on version controlled workflows, concurrent and distributed systems, Python, Scala, data formats, Spark, cloud infrastructure, Graph and SQL/NoSQL Databases. We will tailor the month of intensive bootcamp to the experience you already have.

After the first month, you will immediately start working with our customers as a GoDataDriven engineer with a permanent contract.


This is perfect for you...

  • if you would like working with new data processing tools, like Airflow, Spark, Flink, and Druid.
  • if you understand the importance of cloud and want to learn that.
  • if you like working for different clients and enjoy the excitement of regularly getting to learn new environments and know new people.

is not something you want...

  • if you have less than 2–3 years of working experience.
  • if you do not like to continuously learn or want to keep using old technologies.
  • if you do not like coding, scripting, templating.

If that sounds like you, let's talk.